See how Mueller products will effectively integrate into your reciprocating engine compressor station with our interactive bird’s eye view. Simply place your cursor over any of the colored devices to identify it, and click to access more complete information. While not all Mueller products are represented, you’ll have a useful overview of our various product lines.


Enables collection of large fluid volumes from separation and slug operations in locations inaccessible to large tank vessels.

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Effectively filters intake air while also controlling noise for centrifugal and axial compressors, rotary positive, vane axial and centrifugal blowers, reciprocating engines and compressors.

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Incorporates both reactive and absorptive noise control, to provide broad band attenuation with minimal pressure drop for turbocharged reciprocating engine exhaust.

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A high efficiency “source control” for entrained hydraulic and lubricating fluids venting to the atmosphere from the exhaust gas port of Shafer, EIM, and similar valve operators.

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Removes entrained lubrication and other fluids from venting natural gas over a wide range of discharge exhaust flows in pipeline suction scrubber sump vent applications.

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This compact vessel is ideal for metering skids and removal of carryover from amine and glycol contactor towers.

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A vertical vessel that effectively removes contaminants from small to medium gas volumes with heavy liquid loading or slugs.

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The Mueller Model BDS Blow Down Silencer effectively reduces the noise associated with venting high pressure steam or gas to atmospheric pressure.

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Efficiently removes odorants from high pressure vent gas avoiding the public alarm often caused by the controlled release of odorized natural gas.

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