Our ESG Commitment

ESG is the acronym for environmental, social, and (corporate) governance, the three key areas that define and drive a company’s commitment to providing responsible and sustainable business activities. In today’s rapidly changing and environmentally responsible business climate, companies are facing significant pressure to understand what it truly means to be “green” and “sustainable.” The financial, ethical, and social pressure to support sustainable business practices has never been greater, requiring companies to effectively evaluate and adjust their specific role in activities that affect people and the environment – with an intentional review of every activity that can potentially impact the world around us.

As companies and community leaders navigate the global energy transition, we are actively involved in helping our customers reach their ESG goals. Our team is regularly seeking new ways to offer sustainable, responsible, and ethical investment in our core business and the projects we deliver to our customers.

With the word “Environmental” in our name, we take our deep commitment to ESG seriously. From day one, and for over three decades, our products have, by design, been instrumental in reducing waste, improving efficiencies, and creating a positive ESG impact in the communities in which we operate. In addition, our engineered solutions support our customers’ ongoing ESG initiatives through the following:

  • Innovative designs, specifically engineered to reduce waste – less materials sent to landfills
  • Exhaust systems to reduce carbon emissions
  • Product quality and reliability increases equipment life, reducing waste and raw materials
  • Mechanical designs eliminate wasteful and unnecessary filter systems
  • In-house materials collection and recycling program
  • Environmentally friendly paint and coatings facility
  • Internal safety and environmental training
  • Sustainable materials selection where available
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through efficient design and smaller equipment footprints
  • Numerous equipment features to create efficiencies by reducing power loads and eliminating material waste
  • Accountability and risk management programs to ensure optimal ESG compliance

At Mueller, we will always prioritize the safety of our employees and our customers, and the protection of our environment, over profits. You might say, “we’ve been green since the sky was blue.”