Mist Elimination Applications

The natural gas compression and transmission process involves a vast array of mechanical equipment, all of which requires lubrication to operate smoothly and efficiently. Mueller Environmental Designs has designed and produced a variety of devices to remove the atomized hydrocarbons which escape through engine and compressor vents. Applications include:

  • Gas Motor Operated Valve Operator Vent Mist Extractor
  • Compressor Rod Packing Vent Separator
  • Solar Centaur Starting Gas Vent Separator
  • Suction Scrubber Sump Tank Vent Mist Extractor
  • Portable Pipeline Blowdown Separator / Silencer
  • Engine Crank Case and Turbo Charger Case Vent Coalescer
  • Compressor Packing Case Vent Monitor

The Mueller Compressor Packing Case Vent Monitor is a very inexpensive and unique product that measures the gas volume leaking past the compressor rod seal. This aids in limiting greenhouse gas emissions and saves our customers huge sums of money previously wasted as lost and unaccounted for gas.