2 Phase Gas Separator

Mueller Environmental developed the Helical Coil Separator as a solution to the problem of black powder in natural gas pipelines. This new technology separator has evolved into a workhorse that meets a wide range of separation needs for the natural gas industry.

The Model KLS, Helical Coil Separator, is a multiple element, filterless separator intended for the high efficiency separation of solids and/or liquids from high pressure gas flow. There are no moving or removable parts, no elements that need to be replaced when they become fouled. Contaminated pipelines must be cleaned to avoid fouling, ruining compression equipment or compromising pipeline integrity.

Typical contaminants in the gas stream are water, glycol, amine, methanol, compressor lubricating oils, salts, chlorides, liquid hydrocarbons, sand, dirt, production stimulators, and black powder.Black powder is formed by a chemical reaction between H2S, water, and iron from the pipe. These iron sulfides can be pyrophoric which poses an operational danger for the standard filter / separator when these devices become clogged with this black powder. Changing filter elements is dirty, expensive and potentially dangerous.The Model KLS eliminates black powder from the gas pipeline and does so with no worker exposure to the substance and the very minimum of waste disposal.

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